Renault Key Card / Car Key

Renault Car Key

Here at Lockman UK we can make and program in a new Renault key. Even if you have lost the car key we can still make you a new one and delete the old one. We can change or re-pin your locks so that the old key cannot even gain access to the car. We stock a wide range of Renault keys and remotes.

Renault Key Card or Remote Key

Renault key cards are easily damaged due to their design. If you drop it, sit on it whilst in your back pocket or just through general use, you will find that the key card starts to fail.

Symptoms include the car failing to lock or unlock, a rattling sound coming from inside the case or the car not starting. A damaged key card is more than a nuisance, it could leave you stranded somewhere with a car you cannot get into or start.

Dealers take between 7 to 14 days to order you a new key card since they are restricted to ordering these from Renault headquarters.

Lockman UK can have a key card programmed and the blade laser-cut to your Renault car while you wait. We even offer a mobile service and come out to you and program the new key card to your car whilst you are in the comfort of your home or work.

So, do not risk being caught out and get yourself a working or spare Renault key card. We stock a wide range of key cards specific to your model.


Do not buy second-hand key cards from eBay as they cannot be programmed into another car. They are locked to the original car. Only new key cards can be coded to a car. A second-hand key card is a waste of money.

Renault key cards are not designed to be opened up and therefore a key card repair is not the right option. Once opened the case cannot be put together as intended by Renault. Companies offering this service usually glue or tape the cases shut which can cause even more issues including not being able to pull out the blade in an emergency or change the battery.

Call us today to find out how we can help you stay safe and moving in your Renault car.